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Australia 2000
Directed by
Daniel Nettheim
86 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars


Daniel Nettheim’s feature film debut, written by Anthony O’Connor, tries hard to repeat the success of Love And Other Catastrophes (1996), re-imagining that film's characters as twenty-something slackers shacked up in the usual shabby share house in Sydney’s Kings Cross. To this is added a good measure of would-be Kevin Smith-ish hipness with contrived, verbose dialogue and stereotypical characters into which the cast are unable to inject any life and a self-reflexive tone that might only appeal to an audience who are similarly self-preoccupied. The result was doomed to languish on the video store shelves with True Love And Chaos (1997) and Strange Planet (1999) and other similar failed returns to the LAOC well.




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