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Italy 1973
Directed by
Frederico Fellini
123 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars


Frederico Fellini's semi-autobiographical account (the title means 'I remember' in Roman dialect) of the characters in Rimini, the town in which he grew up, is a good-natured lampooning of his fellow Italians, with superb visuals and a canny awareness of the social context (the rise of Fascist Italy) underpinning everyday provincial life during his youth. 

More a series of loosely-connected events in the lives of a single family during the course of a year than a narrative, its episodic nature may frustrate anyone looking for a storyline to engage with but for any one who wants to sit back and enjoy Fellini's affectionately humorous point of view (well accompanied by Nino Rota's music) it is a treat  It deservedly won Best Foreign Film at the 1974 Academy Awards.




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