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USA 2004
Directed by
Joshua Sternfeld
89 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Lee Young
3.5 stars

Winter Solstice

Joshua Sternfeld's impressive debut feature is the epitome of the 'slice of life' drama. For 89 minutes we are invited to share in the lives of Jim Winter's and his disaffected sons, Gabe and Pete (Aaron Stanford and Mark Webber). Jim is a moderately successful landscape architect, turning down caring offers for blind dates. Gabe is a grocery packer who is obviously unhappy with his lot in life. And Pete is a troubled student at high school who picks fights in convenience store parking lots for kicks. These three (almost) men have little more in common than the roof they live under and the lingering grief they share for their wife/mother, though they'd all be in the running for an award for hiding one's true feelings.LY

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