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Australia/United Kingdom 2011
Directed by
Stephan Elliott
97 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
0 stars

Few Best Men, A

Synopsis: An English lad and his three best men come l to Australian for a wedding.

I don’t want to waste any more time on this execrable piece of rubbish than I already have so let’s be quick. If you’ve seen the trailer and thought “Death At A Funeral Downunder”, the only bit you’ll have got right is the "Downunder".

Director Stephan Elliott is infamous for having followed up the hugely successful The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) with the disastrous Welcome To Woop Woop (1997). Who would have thought that he could pull off the same stunt twice? Having rehabilitated himself with the delightful Easy Virtue (2008) he has again plunged into the abyss of shame with this appallingly unfunny comedy, scripted by the writer of Death At A Funeral, Dean Craig.

A Few Best Men is a painfully witless affair cobbling together a string of lame and hackneyed jokes in the gross-out tradition (farting vaginas, anal sex, and a sheep colonoscopy) uttered by stereotypical characters who are at least two, maybe even three, decades out of date. I doubt any cast could have salvaged such comprehensive ineptitude but when the cast are as ill-assorted as this one is there is no hope (I’ll make an exception of Steve LeMarquand as a feral drug dealer). I’d say Olivia Newton-John would be regretting her decision to take part in this malodorous mess but once you see her looking like Gerry Gee in a blonde wig and a fake tan you’ll realize that she ran out of options quite some time ago. Bill Hunter must be thanking God that he is dead. Oh, and the soundtrack is largely covers provided by a twee little wedding band (the exceptions are the usual '70s suspects – Gary Glitter, Sweet. The Village People etc.. It’s supposed to be funny but like everything else in this movie it isn’t, it's simply awful.

FYI:  After the end credits, there is a sequence showing what happened to a large floral ball after it rolled off the edge of the cliff. Does anyone really care!!




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