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Sweden 1946
Directed by
Ingmar Bergman
92 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3 stars

It Rains On Our Love

Ingmar Bergman’s second effort as a director shows the stylistic influence of French films of the 1940s, notably those of René Clair and Marcel Carné. Based on a Norwegian play by Oskar Braathen, the story concerns two lost souls, Maggi (Barbro Kollberg) and David (Birger Malmsten), she pregnant and homeless, he a vagrant just out of prison, who befriend each other and try to make a go of it in the uncaring world around them.

Although yet to develop his signature style, already there is much here that is thematically typical of Bergman’s better-known work – the identification with marginalized individuals, the scathing depiction of bourgeois normality, and the general sense of  man and woman alone in an indifferent world. Although passages of the film are awkward the episodic form of the folk tale which Bergman adopts makes this forgiveable.  Certainly for Bergman fans, It Rains On Our Love is a work of interest whilst general viewers will find some charm in the tragi-comic account of young love.  




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