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Colombia 2009
Directed by
Ciro Guerra
117 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3.5 stars

The Wind Journeys

The Wind Journeys is the fictional story of the journey of Ignacio (Marciano Martinez), an accordion player from Southern Colombia whose wife has died and who is returning an instrument known as “The Devil’s Accordion.” to his master in order to free himself of its supposed curse. He is joined by Fermin (Yull Nunez), a young man from his hometown who desperately wants to learn how to play but who Ignacio tries to dissuade.

Reminiscent of the films of Tony Gatlif, The Wind Journeys is both a kind of travelogue with musical side trips and a mystic romance with music as the loved one and Fermin as the ardent young lover and Ignacio as the worldly-wise survivor of love’s heavy toll. For anyone who enjoys  “world” music and armchair visits to distant cultures it will be a rewarding film, elegantly simple yet rich with visual and aural delights.

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