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USA 1943
Directed by
Walter Lang
96 minutes
Rated G

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
2.5 stars

Coney Island

America’s No.1 wartime pin-up, Betty Grable was one of the biggest stars of her day although her appeal is far less apparent now and her films are largely forgotten. Coney Island, shot in gaudily attractive Technicolor is a serviceable enough vehicle for her middling talents as she plays a musical hall singer and romantic interest of a couple of ambitious sideshow hucksters, competently played by George Montgomery and Cesar Romero with Phil Silvers in one of his many annoying second banana roles and Charles Winninger helping out as a typical jovial drunk. The songs are mixture of standards such as the well-executed  “Pretty Baby” and less winning newly-penned numbers such as “Lulu From Louisville” but the finale “There’s Danger In A Dance”  will satisfy lovers of lavish staging, with the added bonus of Hermes Pan as the principal male dancer.




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