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aka - Keating
Australia 2008
Directed by
Simon Francis
96 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3.5 stars

Keating! The Musical

Casey Bennetto’s original and witty musical about the rise and fall of one of Australia’s most outspoken Prime Ministers, Paul Keating, has deservedly won audiences around the country and this live ABC 2 recording of an August 2008 performance of it whilst being no great shakes filmically, effectively captures the fun and exuberance of the production.

From its debut at the 2005 Melbourne International Comedy Festival to a two-year national tour Keating! The Musical  has had spectacular success, although its appeal beyond our national shores would be very small. If either you’ve seen the production and want to relive the highlights (of which Terry Serio’s John Howard would be most people’s pick) or missed it and want a reasonable facsimile, Keating! The Musical fits the bill.

DVD Extras: Keating may not have the broad appeal of Kenny, but Madman’s release should prove to be a popular stocking filler. Extras include a commentary with Bennetto, Mike McLeish, who plays the title role and Enio Pozzebon who plays Gareth Evans and is keyboardist with the backing band. Whilst the commentary largely constitutes the boys talking throughout the production, a nice inclusion is Paul Keating’s Curtain Call, which is the final moments of the recording that was not included in the main release and has the former PM thanking the cast and crew; a short history of the production; a visit to backstage with The Chaser’s Chris Taylor; the amusing Anthony Green animation that is used during the show and a PDF of the show’s lyrics.

Available from: Madman




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