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USA 1972
Directed by
Gerard Damiano
86 minutes
Rated R

Reviewed by
David Michael Brown
3 stars

Deep Throat

There are some films that defy criticism, no matter what the quality of the movie, their position in popular culture is so ingrained into the collective psyche that people are familiar with its name, even if they haven’t seen it. Deep Throat is one such film.

DVD Extras: As this is a mainstream release, the film is cut to shreds and lacks many of the moments that caused such as sensation when the film was originally released. Umbrella have made up for this with a fine selection of extras. Days of Deep Throat and Linda Lovelace is a documentary looking back at the era and the making of the film with commentary from “adult” star Eric Edwards. The film perfectly positions Deep Throat’s place in history and strangely enough features some scenes censored from the main feature. The movies infamous soundtrack as been isolated and is accompanied by a selection of stills.

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