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USA 1999
Directed by
John Duigan
89 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars


The best that anyone involved in this awful variant on the Rain Man type of mental-disorder-cum-buddy movie could have hope for is that no-one whose opinion they value will ever see it. Surprisingly, considering that it has what is, in hindsight at least, quite a solid cast and skilled Australian director, John Duigan, helming the project, the film lacks a scintilla of credibility.

Elisabeth Shue, as the 28 year-old autistic/idiot-savant/whatever, Molly, with her makeup carefully in place appears not to have made even a passing attempt at creating a convincing character whilst the rest of the cast, including Aaron Eckhart as the Tom Cruise stand-in, appear to have been chosen for their televisual good looks and their willingness to appear in such nonsense.

The script (his only one to date) by TV actor Dick Christie that has Molly recover from her disabilities after some miraculous surgery and verbaliy parrying like Dorothy Parker, defies comprehension, as does the fact that this film ever got made in the first place.




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