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USA 1943
Directed by
Edward Dmytryk
82 minutes
Rated G

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3 stars

Hitler's Children

Dymtryk's B grade anti-Nazi film, a fictionalisation of the book Hitlerjugend by Gregor Ziemer about the Hitler Youth movement has a credible core that attempt to expose the insanity of Nazi ideology and the methods which the Nazis believed would result in racial purity. There are however plenty of deliciously low budget values to enjoy with veteran hacks like Kent Smith (Professor 'Nicky' Nichols), Otto Kruger (Colonel Henkel) and Hans Conried (Dr. Graf) rolling out some reliably earnest work.

In the lead Tim Holt and Bonita Granville carry off the roles of star-crossed lovers as Dymtryk takes them through the gamut of romantic clichés offered to them by Emmet Lavery's script which also provides plenty of opportunity for didactic speechifying on both sides of the divide.




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