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aka - Laberinto Del Fauno, El
USA 2006
Directed by
Guillermo del Toro
119 minutes
Rated R

Reviewed by
Bruce Paterson
4.5 stars

Pan's Labyrinth

This remarkable fantasy reverberates in the mind days and weeks after viewing, and questions about what was real and unreal will linger. The screen is alive with Del Toro’s childhood fears, the monstrous things that have leapt and crawled from his sketchbook, and his painstakingly-crafted visual effects and storytelling

DVD Extras: This handsome 2 disc offering has an informative commentary by del Toro on disc 1 On disc 2 are a number of featurettes introduced by the director: The Power of Myth, on del Toro's conception of the film and its place in the history of fairy tales; four short DVD comics featuring the giant toad, the fairies, the faun, and The Pale Man; El Fauno Y Los Hadas exploring how the film's creatures were created; The Color and the Shape, a four-minute look at the film's colour design; two short features on the film’s music, The Melody Echoes the Fairytale and Mercedes’Lullaby; a Director's Notebook which shows us del Toro's sketches and notes for the film; comparisons between del Toro's on-set daily thumbnail sketches, the polished storyboards, and the final film and a Poster Gallery and the theatrical trailer. The film also comes with captions for the hearing-impaired.

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