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Canada 2001
Directed by
Lee Demarbre
85 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Andrew Lee
4 stars

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

A punk rock musical kung fu action horror comedy about the Son of God's return, shot on weekends over two years, Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter is as strange a film as you’re likely to find. Lesbians are vanishing from the streets, the local fringe festival is in peril. What will the City do? The Catholic Church, embodied by a priest with a mohawk, decides to call on Christ to investigate. Fortunately, he's living just outside town, down by the lake. One vampiric attack later finds the priest dead and a far less forgiving, far more butt-kicking Messiah returning to save the day.

Like a Troma film with competent camera work and better editing, this ultra-low budget film is impossibly silly, but irresistibly fun. After all, who can hate a film that has Jesus Christ beating the living hell out of an army of atheists? A trash cinema masterpiece.




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