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aka - Old Acquaintances
Australia 1985
Directed by
Lex Marinos
100 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
2.5 stars

Remember Me (1985)

In essence Remember Me works quite well as a psychological thriller. Written by Anne Brooksbank from an idea by her husband, Bob Ellis. it was apparently intended to be directed by Paul Cox with the title "Should Auld Acquaintance ... ?" in which case it would no doubt have been a very different film.

The story concerns a married woman, Jenny (Wendy Hughes), recently returned to work who is contacted by her former husband, Howard (Richard Moir) who has been in a mental institution. Initially refusing to see him, he wears her down and against her better judgement she finds herself drawn to him.

The script cleverly plays with our expectations, giving form to Jenny’s anxieties and leaving us unsure whether Howard is really a malevolent force in her life or if this is just the monster in Jenny’s own mind as it slowly builds to its tragic climax. Hughes and Moir, who also appeared together in Marinos’s feature debut An Indecent Obsession, which was released the same year, are both effective. Yet one can’t help but be aware that directorially Marinos, who has a background in theatre, was finding his feet (noticeably the actors seem to be talking to the camera rather than each other) and this, combined with the low-budget telemovie production values (which doesn't excuse the boom mike that drops in frame at one point) means that much of the potential is squandered in execution. Still there are some things to be admired here.

FYI: The film was released theatrically in the US with the title Old Acquaintances.

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