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Australia 2003
Directed by
Matthew Saville
50 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3.5 stars

Roy Hollsdotter Live

Roy Höllsdotter Live was one a batch of 50-minute short features funded by the Australian Film Commission, SBS Independent and Film Victoria. Written and directed by Saville it was originally intended to be shot as a full length feature but funding realities meant that it ended up being shortened and shot on video..

Whilst we'll never know how things might have been, as it is, the film is a darkly humorous tale of a stand-up comic (eal-life stand-up comic Darren Casey, the Batman routine is a sample of his own material) who has recently broken up with his girlfriend (Asher Keddie) and has only his mate, Simmo (Luke Elliot), to help him through his pain.

Shot around Fitzroy and North Melbourne it is a good-looking, well-written film that nicely captures the feel of bohemian life in inner Melbourne. Although Casey seems a little too old for the part (according to the film he's 38) his manly good looks and pose of bitter-and-twisted sense of irony make him eminently watchable whilst Elliot and Keddie are equally good in their parts.




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