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Australia 1978
Directed by
Peter Weir
75 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3 stars

The Plumber

Peter Weir made this plumber-from-hell telemovie directly after Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975).  Although feeling somewhat like an extended short film that pushes the limits of credibility when stretched into a longer narrative format (would anyone really put up with a plumber this bad, assuming that a plumber could be this bad) it is for the most part a diverting film thanks to the performances of Judy Morris as the stay-at-home wife and particularly Ivor Kants as the plumber and Weir's skill (he also penned the script) in keeping us guessing as to where the story is going or even in a Hitchcock-like way, what kind of film we are watching, thriller, horror or comedy.

Less convincing are the scenes with Robert Coleby as the over-preoccupied husband and university dork but at least stylistically they have a naïve charm. As a side interest the film also manifests Weir's preoccupation with the primitive/civilized opposition and of course, water.

DVD Extras: In a sense The Plumber is an extra as it comes as part of a double disc with Weir's cult classic The Cars That Ate Paris making for a very nice package.

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