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Australia 1993
Directed by
Rolf De Heer
112 minutes
Rated R

Reviewed by
Bernard Heminway
4 stars

Bad Boy Bubby

There is nothing intellectually engaging about De Heer's film and stylistically it is uneven, but it does offer, for the most part, the strange fascination of a nightmare, a discomforting experience which one nevertheless can't help but want to follow through to its completion.

DVD Extras: Aside from an audio commentary with De Heer and Nicholas Hope there are separate interviews with each and a Popcorn Taxi Q & A session that Hope did in 2004 all of which together provide an insight into the production. There is also the short film Confessor Caressor in which Hope played a serial killer and that gave De Heer his Bubby, the theatrical trailer and a stills gallery as well as a version of the audio track for listening with headphones.

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