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USA 1997
Directed by
Quentin Tarantino
154 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars

Jackie Brown

Combining the talents of pulp crime writer Elmore Leonard and pulp crime director Tarantino should produce good results and this is indeed the case here. Leonard's Rum Punch is the basis for a convoluted tale of guns and money, low-life and dirty deeds.

Although one feels the time, suggesting that a little pruning would have been advisable, there's enough plot, action and strong characters to keep one interested whilst the performances are terrific from a great cast with Samuel L.Jackson working up his jive-talkin' Pulp Fiction character into a real bad-ass dude, Robert De Niro spot-on as a two-bit crook on his druthers, Bridget Fonda, a bored bimbo, and Pam Grier a knock-out as Jackie Brown, a woman who's got one last chance to save herself from oblivion. The casting of Greir, who was the No1 female star of 70s blaxploitation film era is Tarantino's homage to the sub-genre and the black actors whose lights shone way back then, be it ever-so-briefly

DVD  Extras: Theatrical Trailer; Biographies




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