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UK 1966
Directed by
Karel Reisz
97 minutes
Rated G

Reviewed by
Bruce Paterson
3 stars

Morgan (A Suitable Case For Treatment)

Somewhat over-rated as a film, this rarely-shown cult favourite is based on a teleplay, A Suitable Case For Treatment by David Mercer who also adapted it for the screen, changing the main character from a world-weary adulterer to an emotionally unstable child-man.

The film partakes of the anti-establishmentarian zeitgeist and style of '60s Britain, with its celebration of non-conformism and the zany. Such films could be as much tiresomely self-indulgent as tellingly iconoclastic and Morgan is a fairly typical mid-ground example of the double-edged sword at work from a director best known for his classic "angry young man" film, Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (1960). David Warner, a relative unknown, starred in the lead in what was to be the highpoint of his long film career as a minor support actor whilst Vanessa Redgrave, in her second screen appearance, playing the woman he loves won a Best Actress award at Cannes and went on to become one of the leading actresses of her generation. Such is life.




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