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USA 2009
Directed by
Adrian Grenier
90 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars

Teenage Paparazzo

Director Adrian Grenier is one of the stars of a popular HBO television series, Entourage. Being a celebrity, he is used to being blitzed by paparazzi but when one of them is a teenage boy, Austin Visschedyk, Grenier is fascinated and wants to know more about him – why he is doing this and who is letting their son pursue this notoriously low-tone “profession”. The result is a quite remarkable documentary about celebrity culture and the psyche of mass media,.

"Remarkable" because, driven by Grenier, we go on a far-ranging journey that twists and turns according to the director’s inclinations, his disarming good looks and easy-going manner concealing an enquiring, self-reflexive mind   Thus, as the fancy takes him he will chat to his Entourage buddies or Matt Damon  or hook up with Paris Hilton for a first-hand look at what it is like to be a celeb, quiz a social historian or psychologist for an analysis of  the mechanisms of celebrity culture,  interview the people who put together the hoi polloi-pandering magazines or join the paparazzi themselves on one of their pursuits of the rich and glamorous, as well as have a chat with Austin’s parents - all in order to understand what is really going on. \

Possessing a sense of genuine heart,Teenage Paparazzo is revealing, entertaining and insightful. With increasing concern over the mental and physical health of children in our celebrity-obsessed, media manipulated society it is timely and stimulating viewing.




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