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100 Bloody Acres
Australia 2013
Directed by Cameron Cairnes / Colin Cairnes
Running time 91 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Andrew Lee
3 stars

Reg (Damon Herriman) and Lindsay (Angus Sampson) are a couple of farmers who make their living selling fertiliser. Their secret ingredient, as it turns out, is people. They’ve been picking up “roadkill” for a while now. But they’ve run out. So when Reg runs across a bunch of city kids driving up to a music festival he offers them a lift. 

Why this film is being dumped in cinemas during the middle of MIFF makes no sense to me. The most likely audience is currently at its most distracted. That said, they probably saw it last year at MIFF, like I did. And I really enjoyed it. It’s fairly full on, with lots of gross-out humour, gore and requisite horror clichés but it’s also got a really sweet love story inside even if it’s a bit wonky here and there. There’s also a sub-plot involving the three victims with an affair going on that is inevitably going to affect their ability to work together to escape their predicament. Also, props to Rebecca Gibney, she’s got to be the greatest sport alive to let herself be used the way that she is in this film.

100 Bloody Acres goes to all sorts of places to gross you out and they don’t stop at mincing people into fertiliser . If that floats your boat you should see it but make sure you watch it with a good crowd of like-minded people. The last thing you want to do is watch this alone, it’s the kind of film where the audience reactions boost your enjoyment of what’s being served up though avoid it if granny sex is something you’d rather not see.

DVD Extras: Cast & Crew Interviews; Gag Reel; Morgan Brothers' TV ads; SFX Featurette




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