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Australia 1999
Directed by Dean Murphy
Running time 97 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars

Clearly R.B.Taylor who is credited with writing this irredeemably unfunny, try-hard comedy about a couple of medical students (Matt Day and Jason Barry) who steal human organs to finance their upscale lifestyle has never been to medical school.

Although the opening credits feature Melbourne street scenes the film is carefully orchestrated to water down its Antipodean origins and appeal to an Anglo (primarily, the screenplay was apparently originally set in London)-American (secondarily) adolescent male market who would find the words crass and funny interchangeable. The attempt to please everyone characteristically results in exactly the opposite and what could have been a wicked black comedy ends up being a prosaic exercise in bad taste probably embarrassing for all involved, not least of all for Neighbours starlet and pin-up girl, Nicola Charles, who subsequently left Australia to unite in wedded bliss with Jason Barry in the U.K..




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