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Raising Victor Vargas
USA 2003
Directed by Peter Sollett
Running time 88 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Sharon Hurst
4.5 stars

Originally written by the 26 year old Sollett as an autobiographical work to be set in Bensonhurst, the predominantly Italian and Jewish neighbourhood of New York where he grew up, the director couldn't find the actors he wanted and so transposed his story to the Lower East Side, a Latino area where he lived at the time. Working over a two year period with his actors, Sollett incorporated aspects of their lives into his film and this methodology no doubt contributes to the complete credibility of every character. SH

DVD Extras: Along with cast and crew bios and trailers is the director's award-winning short film Five Foot High and Rising which is the basis for Victor Vargas and includes many of the same actors, although younger, and a short feature made after the success of that film in which the cast talk about their experiences during it making.

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