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The Big Combo
USA 1955
Directed by Joseph H.Lewis
Rated G

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars

The Big Combo is a cracking B grade gangster flick that harks back to the noir films of the 40s with their mixture of sex and violence. It has Cornel Wilde as a cop obsessed with bringing down ruthless crime boss, Mr. Brown (Richard Conte), When he can't nail him he goes after Mr Brown's girl (the Grace Kelly-ish Jean Wallace), a society dame with a taste for danger. A solid script with some great dialogue, tip-top mise-en-scène by Lewis and excellent black and white photography by John Alton and a jazzy score make this a deserved cult favourite.

BTW:  There's a fair chance that Quentin Tarantino called his rougues' gallery by colours in homage to this film (he gave himself the name Mr Brown).




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