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Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones
Directed by George Lucas
Running time 142 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Tanya Hristov
3 stars

Lucas returns to the romance and philosophy brought to the screen by the original trilogy, which is where the previous pre-quel The Phantom Menace in this second generation of Star Wars films fell short, making an enjoyable outing for both fans and the uninitiated. Better as SWE II may be in this respect, generally the film lacks emotional depth, dialogue playing more of an explanatory role, rather than creating a flow. The more dramatic and romantic scenes are featherweight and due to the amount of digitalisation in the movie (this is the first major motion picture to be shot entirely using high definition digital video camera and digital video tape, meaning no celluloid film was used in the production), a certain mechanization affects some of the characters, notably Yoda, compared to their originals in the first trilogy (new sequences were added months after the principal filming had been wrapped up). Shot mainly in Australia, Episode II, features several Australasian cameos by the likes of Temuera Morrison, Susie Porter, Rose Byrne, Jay Laga'aia, Jack Thompson and Joel Edgerton. TH

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